Businesses and electric grids alike are stressed and need to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Power outages due to extreme weather are also on the rise.

The need for local, clean, and resilient power generation is now imperative.

Unless electric systems are reconceived, they could end up increasing the cost and slowing down the clean energy transition.

The big problem – solved.

As it stands, literally over 66% of all energy generated (in the United States as an example) is wasted because of blatant inefficiencies in the electrical management systems. This old centralized and inefficient grid not only produces expensive power at an increasingly unreliable rate, but also wastes millions of dollars of unnecessary business overhead.

Because of this inherent wastefulness, millions of people and businesses are left in the dark for multiple days per year creating huge amounts of lost productivity. Businesses are both forced to pay too much for their power and are required to shut down every time the power grid gets stressed. Lost productivity due to poorly managed power is currently inherent in fossil fuel based power system and it’s this problem that Virtual Power Technologies has figured out how to solve!

There are few transformative technologies that we have seen as human beings; they all start at being experimental in nature, then they become doable but super expensive, to now everybody can use it.

Countless generating units and smart devices are being added every day.
Wind and solar energy is competing everywhere. Electric Vehicles and Batteries will soon be in every home.

But all must be organized and virtually managed for maximum efficiency.

The old power landscape – with few large polluting power plants – is disappearing.

Virtual Power Technologies accelerates the adoption of renewable energies by enabling a smarter grid and a new approach where we are all in charge.

That’s what we solved.

Did you know…

..that wind and sunlight striking earth’s surface in just 60 minutes deliver more than enough energy to power the world economy for an entire year.
..the population will expands from 7.4 billion to more than 9 billion by 2040
By 2035, it will be more expensive to run 90% of gas plants being proposed in the U.S. than it will be to build new wind and solar farms equipped with storage systems.

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